What are the order statuses in WooCommerce?

Order is one of the main elements of the functioning of stores, including online ones. WooCommerce's stores have several types of orders, which, depending on their progress. Statuses are displayed in the administration panel. See what you can encounter as an e-store administrator.

Before I describe the different types, I'll explain that in WooCommerce stores, there are two ways to create an order. The classic one, i.e. when the customer decides to buy a product through the order page, filling in the form fields, choosing the form of shipment and payment.
The order statuses are intended to help the shop administrator find out at what stage a particular order is currently at. Below, I present the types of orders you will encounter in a WooCommerce store:

Pending payment - order received but not paid

Failed - there was a problem while processing the payment. This status may not have been given as soon as the order is created, but only after the payment gateway responds

Processing - payment received, stock reduced-order waiting to be processed by the shop. If a COD payment method was selected when placing your order, your order will receive this status. To skip this status and automatically change the status to completed, use the Order statuses plugin.

Completed - order is complete, no further action is required

On hold - the stock has been reduced, but the shop staff must approve payment

Cancelled - canceled by customer or shop staff - no further action required (canceling an order does not restore the removed stock). Set automatically when payment is not recorded. You set the time to cancel in the Store Settings.

Refunded - the order has been refunded by the shop manager - no further action required

Read more about order statuses in WooCommerce and how to manage them efficiently.

If you would like the store to automatically change the order status to Completed after the payment is booked, use the Automatic Payment Status WooCommerce plugin.

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