Correction Settings

Correction Invoices for WooCommerce (PRO)

Flexible Invoices for WooCommerce allows you to issue invoice corrections to WooCommerce order refunds automatically.

The plugin allows corrections related to:

  • an order refund only,
  • an order that already has an invoice issued,
  • only one order correction,
  • an entire order or just a part of an order,
  • the amount or/ and the value of the order that is being refunded.


In the Invoices menu, select Settings and then go to the Documents tab. Choose Correction.

Flexible Invoices for WooCommerce Correction Settings

Automatic Corrections

Select the checkbox to turn automatic corrections for refunds.

Number Reset

Choose how to start numbering: monthly, annually, or without resetting.

After resetting, the numbering in the new month or year will start from number 1.

Next Number

Decide from which number the invoice corrections are to be numbered.

Usually, your country’s law requires a numbering continuity in a given year. Therefore, if you used another program to issue invoice corrections, enter a consecutive number. If you have just started selling, leave it at number 1.

Prefixes and Suffixes

You can also enter prefixes and suffixes to adjust the naming and numbering of the invoice corrections to your particular needs.

You can use the following shortcodes for prefixes and suffixes: {DD} – day, {MM} – month, {YYYY} – year.

For example, to get: Correction 1/12/2020 (1 – the invoice correction number) you need to enter:

Prefix: Correction Suffix: /{MM}/{YYYY}

Default Due Time

You may enter the default due time in days for invoices. The payment day can also be edited for each invoice correction.


Correction reason will be added automatically to Invoice Notes on an issued correction. It may also be edited for each correction.

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