Manual Issuing Proforma and Invoices

Invoices for WooCommerce Orders

Issuing Invoices and Proforma Invoices

Flexible Invoices WooCommerce Manual issuing for orders

Go to the WooCommerce -> Orders list. Next to every order, there is an icon with the "+" signs for an invoice and a proforma invoice. Click the icon to issue the invoice or the proforma invoice. After the invoice has been issued, 2 additional icons will show a document and a download icon. Click them to either open or download the invoice.


Flexible Invoices WooCommerce Manual issuing for an order

  1. Go to the order details.
  2. In the Invoice metabox click Issue Invoice or Issue Proforma.
  3. Next you can:
    • preview invoice by clicking View Invoice,
    • download invoice by clicking Download Invoice,
    • go to invoice editing by clicking on an invoice link.

Invoices for WordPress & outside a WooCommerce order

In the Invoices menu, select Add New. Fill out all the fields and products, and then issue the invoice by clicking Publish.

Flexible Invoices WooCommerce and WordPress Manual Issuing

The invoice will be available to download and for sending by e-mail as well (in the PRO version).

The plugin allows you also to download customer data such as "Client name" and "E-mail". Downloading all data is possible with the PRO version of the plugin.

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