Main Settings

In the Invoices menu, select Settings -> General tab. Then go to the General Settings section.

Flexible Invoices for WooCommerce and WordPress Main Settings

Show Signatures

Choose whether to show a place for signatures on the invoice.

Seller signature

Decide which user's display name should appear on the invoice.

Tax Cells on Invoices

If you want to hide all tax-related columns on the invoice (and the tax amounts to 0 at the same time), check the option of hiding tax columns.

Seller's VAT Number on Invoices

It is also possible to hide the seller's VAT Number if the tax amounts to 0.

Payment Methods

Read more about setting payment methods for documents.


Only users with roles Administrator and Shop manager can access and edit invoices by default. If you want to let other users edit invoices, add their roles in this field. The administrator always has unlimited permissions.

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