Main Settings for WooCommerce

In the Invoices menu, select Settings and then go to the WooCommerce tab.

Sequential Order Numbers

Out-of-the-box, WooCommerce does not have sequential order numbers. We made activating subsequent order numbers possible by selecting this option. In new stores, order numbers begin from 1. In stores with orders, numbers continue from the last order number.

Date of sale on the invoice

Set which date will be the date of sale on the invoice. You have to choose the order date or order completed date ( status change on completed ).

Free Orders

Select if you do not want to automatically issue invoices for free orders.

Free line items

Select if you do not want free items, such as free products or free shipping, listed on the invoice.

Order number

Select if you want to show the order number on the invoice.

Link to order checkout (PRO)

Show the link to the order checkout on the invoices. Read more on how it works.

Currency Exchange Table (PRO)

Add to the invoice a table with the conversion of the VAT value into local EU currency.

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