OSS (former MOSS)

In the Invoices menu, select Settings and then go to the WooCommerce tab, OSS section.

Flexible Invoices WooCommerce OSS Handling

Validation on VIES (PRO)

If checked, a VAT number put on the checkout page will be validated on the VIES database.

Remove VAT for Businesses in Your Base Country (PRO)

This allows not to include VAT in an order even for one placed in the same country as the shop operates.

Failed Validation Handling (PRO)

Decide what shall follow if the validation fails:

  • Do not allow an order and show an error message.
  • Let an order to be placed but without deleting VAT
  • Let an order to be made and delete VAT

Tax class for OSS (PRO)

Choose a tax rate that will be used by the plugin for OSS orders from the European Union.

Collect and Validate Evidence (PRO)

Allow to declare that an address is valid - this will check the validity of a customer's IP address based on her/his payment address. This will also ask a customer to declare this address if it is incorrect.

Reverse charge description (PRO)

Add a description of the reverse charge on invoices.

VAT OSS rate description (PRO)

Here you can add a description of the VAT rate that you set for OSS.

Note: In this solution, we based on the WooCommerce mechanism, which is adapted to countries for which taxes are different in different regions. This mechanism assumes that in addition to the VAT number field, other mandatory fields from the order form such as city, postal code, street are also filled in. If these fields are not filled in, the tax reset mechanism may not work.

More information

If you need to know more about OSS, read how to set the tax rates in WooCommerce and issue OSS invoices.

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