WooCommerce and WordPress errors and notices

Below we present common WooCommerce error messages which may occur in your shop. Please follow our instructions to fix a certain error.

The checkout has encountered an unexpected error. Try reloading the page. If the error persists, please get in touch with us so we can assist.

Please start by clearing your browser's cache and cookies. If you are using WooCommerce Blocks, please remove your current checkout block and add it again.

There are no payment methods available. This may be an error on our side. Please contact us if you need any help placing your order.

Make sure that you have an active payment method. Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments and check if there's at least one active payment method.

There are no payment methods available WooCommerce error

An error occurred while processing the cart.

Your WooCommerce customer session might be saved incorrectly. Please try clearing customer sessions. WooCommerce -> Status -> Tools and click the Clear button within Clear customer sessions field.

WooCommerce clear customer sessions

There was an error saving your settings. Please try again.

If you are experiencing issues during saving large amounts of data - it may mean that your server is not properly configured and does not allow you to save large amounts of data. Data entered in the configuration of the plugins can be cut off and not saved in the database.

There is a max_input_vars PHP parameter that controls how much data can be saved at one time. The default value is 1000 which can be too low for some scenarios.

Solving the problem may look different on different web servers, but in most cases, you need to add this line to your .htaccess file:

php_value max_input_vars 2000

If this does not solve the problem in your case, please consider changing it to a higher value (3000). If it still does not help, please contact your hosting provider and ask for support.

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