Invoicing on order

Automatic invoicing on orders (PRO)

The plugin allows issuing invoices automatically for WooCommerce orders. For invoices and proforma invoices, this can be done upon the status of the orders changing thanks to the Automatic sending option. You can choose more than one order status. Read more about Invoices settings and such options for Proforma Invoices.

There are also invoice corrections that are generated automatically after the refund (whole or partly for an order with a previously issued invoice). Read more about issuing invoice corrections.

Manual invoicing on orders

You may also want to issue documents for WooCommerce orders manually. This can be done by additional Buttons on the WooCommerce -> Orders -> Invoice Action buttons.

There will also be the Invoice metabox inside each WooCommerce order with buttons for generating invoices.

Read more about all possible ways of manually issuing proforma and invoices and manual issuing for corrections.

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