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  • Correction Settings

    Correction Invoices for WooCommerce (PRO) Flexible Invoices for WooCommerce allows you to issue invoice corrections to WooCommerce order refunds automatically. The plugin allows corrections related

  • Manual Issuing Corrections

    Issuing Corrections (PRO) If Automatic Corrections are enabled then Corrections will be issued to every refunded order but only if there is an issued invoice for an order and no refunding took place.

  • Managing and editing Corrections

    Managing Corrections (PRO) You can find all the issued Corrections on the Invoice list in the Invoices menu → All Invoices. Currently, the plugin does not allow editing Corrections. Available actions

  • Issuing documents

    Automatic issuing (PRO) You may set automatic issuing documents (invoices and proforma invoices) upon reaching the specific WooCommerce order status (It's possible to choose more than one). You can

  • Core Hooks

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  • Printing and downloading documents

    How to download documents Automatic downloading If you want to download invoices in bulk go to the Invoices menu -> Download. Manual downloading After documents are generated - the View and Download

  • Advanced Templates Settings

    The Advanced Templates plugin is an add-on to Flexible Invoices for WooCommerce PRO. For its functioning, it is required to enable the Flexible Invoices WooCommerce plugin, version 3.6 or higher. To

  • Sending documents to clients

    How to send documents automatically (PRO) You may set the order status for automatic issuing invoices and proforma invoices. You can choose more than one order status. A link with a PDF file will be

  • How to use Advanced Filters

    This add-on allows you to filter invoices by dates, payment statuses, tax rates, document types and more. Before you start The Advanced Filters plugin is an extension for Flexible Invoices for

  • Invoicing on order

    Automatic invoicing on orders (PRO) The plugin allows issuing invoices automatically for WooCommerce orders. For invoices and proforma invoices, this can be done upon the status of the orders